Friday nights are pretty rare, you know? Only four a month…only four times a month do I get to feel this relieved, satisfied to spend a couple of aimless hours with my reggae and steamed collards dinner (don’t ask.)  

I thought that the 8-6 office job would drain my life of creativity and energy. Actually, I was right. But the other 70% of my personality is still engaged, and I haven’t fallen asleep at my monitor even once. 

The longer I spend at the State Department, the more I realize that I’ve been working towards this for quite some time. I didn’t know what I was getting into, and to a large extent still don’t, but I’m experiencing one of those rare “right-where-I-should-be” moments. Since high school, I’ve been drawn towards government work, foreign policy, international relations, diplomacy, the foreign service, politics…as I’ve said several times this week, Washington, DC, is my Disneyland.

My friends have spent hours watching Disney movies, dreaming of meeting a character and walking the streets of Disneyland. I have spent hours watching political debates and commentary, dreaming of meeting a Secretary and walking the halls of Congress. 

So I suppose this is my American dream, of sorts: to live in the midst of the chaos, to ride the turbulence of policy and politics. In my office, to touch, just briefly, policies that change something.  But even if I do succumb to bureaucracy eventually, these policies will still be saving lives–assuming that Congress passes the budget this lifetime. 

And, as expected, I still love the city more each day. Even with this damn snow all over. 



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