I just realized one of the reasons I am such a blogger failure: most of the writing I’ve done in the past 8 years has been academic, a style in which personal pronouns are a big no no So how do you write a blog about your self without using “I?” Not only is it grammatically uncomfortable, it’s also uncomfortably narcissistic. But I’ll work on it.  :-)

It’s also come to my attention that blogging doesn’t happen the same way that creative non-fiction writing does. There is not as much tolerance for lyricism and metaphor, either by the blogsphere or by this little blogger herself, so I’ve gotta cut it short and be specific. Disclaimer: I am a very sarcastic person but very few people realize that so I, this smily blonde girl, am sarcastic and I’m warning you. If it sounds like it could be said in a valley girl voice, I promise that’s me being sarcastic. My valley girl impression is just that, an impression, so no stereotypes, please. :) (Stereotypes that I’m okay with: Californian (still not a valley girl, though!), nerd, hippie (I don’t smoke pot) and only the first four sentences of the definition of hipster, as explained here: 

Now, rather than round this post off with an eloquent conclusion that ties in my thesis statement and supports the body of my essay, I’m just going to go finish my soy macchiato (the Starbucks kind, not a real one) and close my eyes and pretend I’m in California. 




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