Tartagal Again

We stopped in Tartagal for a short four hours, but I got my interviews and I got to see the family that I stayed with the last time! I also had time to get bitten over 30 times by the flea/horsefly/gnat things. 

I love being part of the ADRA team. People keep asking me to explain what ADRA is, and it’s fun to try to explain in Castellano (until I can direct them to the directores.) I am proud to be able to explain an agency that I know firsthand is dedicated to development and empowering people.

I don’t know how to explain how I’ve been feeling the past few days, with all that’s been going on, but I feel fulfilled somehow. I think it’s because I have a purpose, a specific goal with my camera, and I’m engaged creatively, mentally and socially. 


A funny thing happened this morning on Facebook! I left my account open in Rivadavia, apparently, because one of the kids posted a long paragraph on my profile. He made it seem as though I had gone through a huge, life-changing experience, saying that I had searched deep inside my soul and finally changed the way that I saw the entire world, changing my whole life (and he added a little poetry, too.) At the end, he said that I was vulnerable, too, because I had left my Facebook open for whoever wanted to come and be a poet on my status. After I finished laughing, I realized that he was not far from the truth. My experience here in Argentina, with ADRA, has been very influential, and I know that I’ll go back to California a different person with different ideas and different goals. I’m so, SO grateful for my time here and what I’m learning from my fellow volunteers, the indigenous populations and my cameras. 


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