Back to Salta Capital

17.8 Tartagal to Salta

 What a day! What a last couple of days.

 I really enjoyed meeting Roberto Giaccarini, the ADRA Argentina director. I thought that I would be starstruck and make a bad impression and he would be intimidating and professional, but he is friendly and obviously good at his job. 

Both Bety and Roberto very patiently put up with all my questions and terrible Castellano. I asked them all about ADRA, about Rivadavia, about being directors, about their families, about graduate programs, about immigration and colonization and poverty. I feel alive when I talk about these kinds of things.In turn, they asked me about my school and my goals and tried to interest me in at least four men they know. 

On the road to Salta, I saw wild emus! I’ve now eaten llama and seen wild emus. We also went up to the Cumbre Cerro San Bernardino, the hill of the teleférico. It was beautiful to look down at all of Salta; the park on top reminded me of Coit Tower’s park, but looking down reminded me of Brazil. Speaking of Brazil, a new volunteer stopped by tonight, on his way from Sao Paolo to Rivadavia. His name is Flavio and we found a whole handful of friends in common. He’s making a documentary about people who live on less than one dollar a day, so he’s going to Rivadavia for his first interviews. 


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