Music, Mate and Community Development

Here is another update from my journal! Please excuse the fact that the last post and this one are not chronological. I am copying out of my ipod notes, my computer notes and my physical journal. This is an update from the beginning of my time in Rivadavia through my departure to Tartagal. Cheers!


21.7 First Friday in Rivadavia

Today was a long day—video of the oven building process, lunch, the garden then hanging out with the children. After dinner we went to the big celebration thing at the gym—folklore dances, futbol, etc. We went to the climb the tank for mate and galletas but after I freaked out all the way to the top (it’s three stories high and the ladder was terrifyingly rickety), the policia kicked us off and we ended up in the plaza instead. When we got back, we sang worship songs for hours. That’s just what my soul needs. Nothing fixes me better than music.

22.7 Yankees

It’s interesting to be a group that’s half Yankees, half Argentineans. We don’t divide ourselves that way, but it’s evident once in a while, like when we watch an American movie with references that don’t translate in the subtitles. We watched X-Men (terrible plot and story but good effects and characters) and it made me think about America from outside again. This time, though, I’m much less anti-USA. I feel privileged to have the kind of life I have waiting for me back there. It makes me want to make sure to find a job in which I can support myself and not depend on someone to give me privileges, if that makes sense. Maybe I want to earn my luck. 

24.7 Poverty

Today was up and down. I woke up with a headache and no ganas to do anything at all. This evening, though, we got to brainstorm an interpersonal communication issue and I enjoyed it. I wish I had a better grasp of the language, though. In English I had plenty of ideas!

I haven’t written much about the poverty because it’s what I expected and what I’ve seen before, but it is definitely the reason we are here and evident every day in the trashed streets and lack of shoes and cold burns on the babies’ faces. 

31.7 Down to Business!

Zachary and I finally set up some plans for my part of the project. I am working on some interview questions and figuring out the flow of the informational video. I’m glad to have a bit more direction now.

This evening, the saca caca tanku finally came! (Translation: the town has a tanker trailer that comes when your sewer tank is full. Ours was very full.) I showered in our own bathroom for the first time since Friday. It was an ordeal, though, to hand pump the shower—an ordeal that Zach and Enrique worked on while the rest of us hovered, carried buckets and did laundry.

I also got to skype audio chat with Mama and Angela this afternoon. I miss talking to people in English! And I need more hugs!

2.8 My Face is Crying Out in the Wilderness

Living in the bush of South America changes your priorities: my makeup routine now takes five minutes while my commute takes fifteen by foot. 




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