A Word on My Adventure

I recently answered some questions for an internship spotlight for Pacific Union College’s website. One of the questions asked me to explain my volunteer position and I thought that I’d share that with you. Cheers!


“I am volunteering with ADRA, Adventist Development and Relief Agency, an international organization that supports both disaster relief efforts and community development projects in 120 countries, one of which is Argentina.

I’m spending my summer with a project in rural northwestern Argentina, Salta province, promoting health education, community development and sustainable living for local indigenous populations.

My official role is documentary photographer/videographer, and I’m traveling from site to site to document various aspects of the local projects in this province.

The first project is called Vision Wichi, a partnership with an indigenous group called the Wichi. The project includes the development of a community garden, where the community members are learning how to garden, harvest and cook with fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables. Several ADRA volunteers have lived here within the community for over a year, building a relationship with the Wichi and working to establish the garden project.

Vision Wichí also includes a campaign to construct kitchen facilities, brick cooking areas with ovens, in several families’ houses to reduce the use of resources and improve living conditions for the family.

The second major project, Pisadas Saludables (healthy steps), is designed to teach school-aged kids in northern Argentina about the importance of hygiene and preventative health. This project partners with TOMS shoes to provide each child with a new pair of shoes twice a year as well, because many of the children here have to walk barefoot, risking injury and infection. This project reaches approximately 50,000 children.”


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