I believe in traveling

Hello, new (and current) friends!

I’m Shanna, most of the way through college and just beginning to plan the next few years of the adventure. Maybe I’ll find my dream, maybe I’ll just find a few great photographs.I’m hoping I find those experiences of a lifetime, the kind that change your life and make you even more passionate and knowledgeable and inspired.

But like a wise friend once said, maybe the destination is in the journey; maybe the purpose lies in the looking and not in the finding. It’s the small things that make up who you are–the pocket-sized tidbits of memories and lessons, images and textures. I like a little writing, a little Thai food, and a lot of lattes, laughing and thinking.

I’m joining this vein of blogging because I believe in traveling. I don’t just mean literal, tangible, wonderful traveling with minivans and gondolas and biplanes, but also the life of traveling–a mindset, a lifestyle, a way of seeing the world.

So whether you’re a seasoned jetsetter or a dreamer in the suburbs, I invite you to copilot the adventure!






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